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If you are traveling in the U.S. or making any purchases with your debit card, we would like you to add the SHAZAM fraud operations telephone number, 855-219-5399/Text Short code 742926, into your contacts on your mobile phone. If there would happen to be any fraud or if SHAZAM questions any activity on your debit card, SHAZAM will try to contact you to verify the card acitivity. Also, if you lose or misplace your card, you can also call this number to report it. This telephone number is available 24/7.

Mobile App with Mobile Deposit

How to get the App: Download our mobile app from your mobile device by searching for "SSB Sutherland." Open the app and log in using your online banking username and password.

To Activate Mobile Deposit: Log in to either mobile online banking. Find "Mobile Deposit Enrollment" under "Services" and click "I Accept."

Annual Privacy Notice Available

The annual Security State Bank Privacy Notice is available under the “Privacy” section. No login is required to view the Privacy Notice on the website. To assist customers with limited or no access to the internet, a paper copy can be requested by calling us at 712-446-3324. Security State Bank will mail a paper copy of our Privacy Notice to you within ten days of the request. Security State Bank’s Privacy Notice has not changed.


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